Assisted Reproduction Law

We practice on the cutting edge of the law to help clients secure their legal rights to their children created through assisted reproduction.

Typically, biological relationships govern who is considered to be a legal parent to a minor child. Therefore, it is critically important that prospective intended parents who are interested in having children through assisted reproductive technology by using donor sperm, donor eggs, surrogates or gestational carriers, speak with an attorney who is knowledgeable about this new and emerging area of law.

The attorneys of Jerner Law Group, P.C. practice on the cutting edge of this field and help clients secure legal rights to the children they are creating through assisted reproduction. We have represented intended parents from the United States and from other countries who utilize assisted reproductive technology in the United States.



Gestational Carriers

Jerner Law Group, P.C. represents either intended parents or gestational carriers with respect to gestational carrier agreements. We also represent intended parents in legal actions to obtain pre-birth orders to establish legal parentage. For a detailed look at the state by state laws and procedures governing gestational surrogacy click here.

Sperm or Egg Donations

Jerner Law Group, P.C. represents same-sex couples, opposite-sex couples and individuals who conceive children using alternative insemination and IVF. The attorneys at Jerner Law Group, P.C. can assist at all phases of the legal process, which can include: drafting egg donor, sperm donor and intended parent agreements prior to conception, obtaining pre-birth orders to establish legal parentage prior to birth, obtaining terminations of known donors’ parental rights, and securing the intended parents’ parental rights through adoption following birth.

Traditional Surrogacy

Jerner Law Group, P.C. represents clients seeking to become parents through traditional surrogacy, whereby a woman agrees to conceive and carry a child through pregnancy and then places the child for adoption with the intended parents. These cases proceed under adoption laws.

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