When a decision of a trial court is appealed, the stakes are high.  The attorneys at Jerner Law Group, P.C. are seasoned appellate lawyers with experience both bringing and defending family law appeals before the Pennsylvania Superior Court and Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Our attorneys handle groundbreaking cases involving novel and complex areas family law, which have led to appellate decisions that have shaped family law in the Commonwealth.  We also handle cases where the law is clear but where the trial court misapplied the law.

Our appellate cases have included: 

  • In Re Baby S., which held that gestational surrogacy agreements are legally enforceable contracts in Pennsylvania
  • G. v. J.H., advocating for the custody rights of non-biological co-parents after a separation with the biological parent and addressing the standing rights of grandparents to seek custody of a child
  • Neyman v. Buckley, the case that established that civil unions are treated the same as marriages for the purposes of divorce in Pennsylvania

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